1st American

by Anyway!

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Recorded at the legendary Blasting Room Studio the 1st American album of a punk band from Philadelphia is a unique blend of irrepressible energy with the best traditions of punk rock music


released April 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Anyway! Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Punk/pop-punk/powerpop quartet from Europe currently based in the US. New album "1st American" is out now.

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Track Name: Fight This
Hey! Don’t you feel you are shit inside!
How can you watch us all dying?
Your talk is cheap; you’re what we should fight
But best of us’ve gone in fire.

Bringing justice only through TV screen
Conversations and concerns are your weapons but
It doesn’t help us. God!

We trust no more your dirty lies
We’ll wash your mouth with our blood
Don’t trust politicians all promises they give
Worth no more than bullshit
You fight or you’re dead

You are real enemy among us,
Sneaking traitor with the blade behind our back.
You’re piece of crap in sack.
Track Name: Generation Is Not OK
Hey Hey! We have no future!
Hey Hey! Generation is not ok!
We´re hostages of the stupid box and media.
Our brains are trashcans; our mouths ate all they threw.
What did they do to make you a slave?
Don’t let this shit control your brain.
No Way!
But you never get out from the box,
Full of rot and bare bones.

We are hostages of the passive mindset, laziness
We dream about paper.
Damn buck makes us happier.

Never give your heart rest
I said
Never give your heart rest
Never give your heart rest
I said never give it rest.
We have no future
We have only the ghostly chance
We will reach the top
With the hearts in our bloody hands.
Track Name: Smiles
I called my friends
They are only who can understand
This evil pain that turns into everyday’s heartache
Honestly, I’m trying to drop this
I’m trying not to care
But this bloody piece of meat in me
Oh I can’t hack up my heart
Today, now and then… I threw my values out
It felt like all the things are mine forever, only mine
It’s appeal to you, I think that it’s the time
But it’s too late. I realized your smile is not mine.

We will never be crossing smiles in kiss.
What is done don’t regret it.
The only one cure,
Frames have your beautiful smiles
And your eyes, but memories are lies.

I’m so in rage
She’s dating him again. I thought
It’s love because she told me, that will love forever.
Honestly, it’s time to let her go and stop this show,
But my pride beats brain and now I feel I feel I can’t give up.
Love is what I share
Track Name: Summer
I meet my friends, fuck the rest; we are off to the shore
Our pockets ain’t hold much money as always
We need a roof and 4 walls to be happy so what
All that we have is each other and black sea.
Get drunk as fuck yeah! Day, night and every day.
I laughing my ass off, my ribs are sore, yo!
The happiest days, these moments stuck in my head
Forever young boys, forever happy.
When the coldest day is coming I remember summer days.
That summer is in our hearts.
Sunrise! Its getting hotter. Party time. You can’t go wrong.
Sundown! Is getting closer but fuck this stay all night long

Most of my friends far away but every day
My mind reminds me of what I’m missing
The part of me is away where I am from
The family is always in my heart, hey!
Over and over and over again you
Make me return to the happiest time
My heart is there, my heart is broken
I remember
Do you remember this awesome summer?
Track Name: Man U
We came from streets, ain’t moneybags, proudly carry our flag.
Who wants to argue may soon see our wrapped in fist true fact.
The history will remember us we have no other fate.
Old Trafford is our home, my friend.
Manchester United – is our name!

Man U! Let’s go!
Crush ‘em all we Man United.
Rivals will fall.
Everywhere red devils go!
Glory Glory man united Let’s Go!

We are standing tall. No one of us will ever betray our club
We are family and there’s no doubt we will face all shit you throw at us.
But if you ever hear the song, the song we always sing.
Here’s my advice – better step up cause Reds are marching on!
Track Name: Faith Is Gone
Mighty God gave them power and weapons and money and reasons
to kill me, god.
Save my faith! Yeah!
Save my faith! Yeah!
But faith is gone
Mighty God give us reasons on why are we bleeding and trying
to live through night?
Save my faith! Yeah!
Save my faith! Yeah!
But faith is gone
Deep inside want to believe it
It does not make any sense now
I’d like to talk. What you are feeling?
But nothing’s here
My faith is gone.
Track Name: D.O.Y.M.
Your are from my dreams.
Your life is far from me
Say honestly why did we meet again?
I used the last drop of perfume
That always makes me think about those days
I love your blue eyes
I love your smile
I'll never give you chance to notice that
Give me a hug the last time
Give me the last kiss
I'll go where everything speaks about you
But I’ll not meet you, I’ll not meet you
I'll try to hold your hand. With me… Cause we... Oh no!
Yes I now that your life belongs to him, to him.

The smell of embrace, the smell of your hair,
The smell of my love on eyelashes
So soon you are married…
So soon I lost you…
This day is the end.
The end.

I’ll try to hold your hand as long I can.
But I know that your life belongs to him.
I'll go where everything speaks about you and me
But I’ll not meet you
Cause today is the day of your marriage.
Track Name: American Dreamer
Gift for every single child in bombs with the blue stars.
That like big snowflakes with the right shape and right aim.
He's never right; he's never guilty - until we think.
They still dye.
And everyone who has own brain understand this but
They still dye.
Thousand bands from hundred countries singing 'bout this, but
They still dye.
Me and you, everyone else, what did we do to stop this shit?
Tik'n'tak booooom
Get ready to f f f f f f fire
Easy to kill men
If you choose only one way- get!
Never try to awake the American dreamer
So when it will be enough of man's blood will you stop?
Stop your war?
Will you stop this pain?
You'll never open your eyes!
Track Name: Wounds
The taste of yesterday is slipping through my hands
I thought... I thought I could… I could. It’s up to me
“To do or not to do” is the question of this day
God, help…God, help. Me now…me now. I’m asking you
We are an act in this play, but roles have no fate
Fate is what we should choose now
Killing our time, having our best time together
Making stupid mistakes in days of our youth
Getting from train to the train
Leading our life through fucking hardships
And I trust in my friends I feel you’re still here
Strength’s in our hands and fire’s in our hearts
Where are you guys, I need you so
I feel that I am losing all you
Wounds of yesterday remind me that I felt
I thought... I thought We could… we could
It’s up to us

Get nothing inbetween, got lost on the edge.
I bit my fists till they bled
Woho! Woho! Getting nothing between
Fucking hard to decide what I have to do
I’m caught in between two fires
Nothing between
This is my last decision. Hell yeah!
We break it all! Our everything
We break it all! Our everything
It’s up to us.
Track Name: Shadow Of The Dog
I have succeeded; I had all I could need.
I never thought of ever losing it
Well, eat it, dog, eat it, dog
What you deserved!
You thought you’re better than ‘em all
You felt like god cause you never fall
Life threw you into deep for once
So, what you worth, dog?
Apologies, regrets... There is no sense
You can’t find damn drawbacks in yourself so
You never heard your heart
Cornered and broke shadow of the dog

You found your way, stick to it
Don’t look back
Or you will end up as I did, my friend
Eat it, dog, eat it, dog. They will say.

I thought I’m better than ‘em all
I felt like dog I bit ‘em all.
Life threw me into deep for once
So what I worth, god?
I broke it all; It’s all my fault
It’s up to me. Make the right call
Am I the dog or shadow of the dog, yeah?
Shadow of the dog.
Track Name: Our Last Day
How hard to see this is over
How hard to know we have no sense
Words have no sense, they are just letter
In our conversations. We’ll never get back
Day. Our Last day